Employment law advice and assistance

Employment law advice and assistance Overview of services Employment law is based on a mixture of contractual, common law and statutory rights.   I am able to advise on appropriate terms before you enter into an employment contract and when things go wrong advise on the interpretation of contractual terms.  If you have a dispute at work I can […]

Internal procedures

I can provide advice on exhausting internal procedures to resolve disputes in the workplace.

Settlement Agreements (Compromise Agreements)

Settlement Agreements (Compromise Agreements) I have wide experience in advising employees on the terms and effect of Settlement Agreements (Compromise Agreements). In employment law an agreement (formerly known as a Compromise Agreement) whereby an employee or worker agrees not to pursue certain employment tribunal claims against a respondent or potential respondent to a claim.  Commonly […]

Employee competition and confidentiality

Employee competition and confidentiality Breach of Contract Solicitors High Wycombe I can provide advice on the extent to which employers can protect themselves against the harmful competitive activities of employees and ex-employees and prevent the disclosure of trade secrets and confidential information by such employees. This is a complex area of the law in which public […]