Tribunal Fees

From July 2013 there will be two main charging points for Tribunal fees
Leval 1 claims, covering disputes over matters such as unauthorised deductions from wages and unpaid redundancy payments, will be subject to a £160 issue fee and £230 hearing fee. Level 2 claims, which include claims for unfair dismissal, discrimination, equal pay claims and whistleblowing, will be subject to a £250 issue fee and £950 hearing fee. In addition to the two main charging points, there will also be five application specific fees:  counterclaim (£160), judicial mediation (£600), review of default judgment (£100), application to dismiss following settlement (£60) and application for review (£100 for Level 1 claims and £350 for Level 2 claims).  The first four will be payable by the employer and the fifth by the party making the application. Those on low incomes will be excused payment through a remission scheme.  Tribunals will be given a discretionary power to order the losing party to reimburse any fees paid to the successful party. Fees wil only be able to be paid online or through a centralised processing centre.  It will not be possible for fees to be paid in person at individual tribunal.