Understanding your maternity rights from your employment solicitor

employment solicitor

Congratulations, you have just found out you are expecting a baby. Often the happiest time of our lives (minus the sickness and swelling tummy), it should not be clouded by maternity discrimination in the workplace. There are several rights that expectant employees are entitled to, and it is up to the employer to ensure a […]

Know your rights as an employer you’re faced with an employee breach of confidentiality

Breach of confidentiality 

There is so much sensitive information in your business, and this needs protecting – not just for your businesses sake but for your clients and employees. By putting confidentiality clauses and restrictive covenants into your business, you can negate some of the concerns that others will share this confidential information. However, employees may still decide […]

Handling constructive dismissal effectively in the workplace

Constructive dismissal

Managing personnel is one of the most essential tasks that an employer has to handle. If you mismanage the dismissal of an employee or neglect to do so, you can be liable to a whole range of legal claims, including constructive dismissal. Constructive dismissal is a term that describes a situation where an employee is […]

Understanding your Employment Tribunal and what to expect

Employment Tribunal

Understanding your Employment Tribunal and what to expect For many of us throughout our working life, although we may face disputes between colleagues or employers, it may not reach the stage where internal processes and procedures cannot resolve them. Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone. When internal processes cannot resolve a dispute, it […]