Specialist employment lawyers with the expertise to help you when things go wrong

Breach of contract solicitors

Whether you’re an employer or employee, the last thing you want is the stress of something going wrong in the workplace.

It’s why we specialise in employment law and offer support and advice to both employers and employees. Our goal is simply to give you the best service possible and for any concerns or disputes to be resolved quickly.  

Employment law covers a vast area, so below is an overview of just some of the employment law areas we cover.

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Discrimination at work experts

Discrimination can take on a number of different forms, can be both direct and indirect and can make working life very difficult. The good news is under the Equality Act 2010, everyone is protected from discrimination when applying for jobs, during their employment and after they have left.

Sometimes it can be hard to work out if the problem you are facing is classed as discrimination and what to do about it.

As experienced employment law solicitors our expertise covers a wide range of unlawful discrimination including:

  • Race Discrimination
  • Age Discrimination
  • Disability Discrimination
  • Sex and Sexual Orientation Discrimination
  • Religion and Belief Discrimination

We are also able to help with Constructive Dismissal cases whether it’s due to discrimination, victimisation or harassment in the workplace or if, for whatever reason,  your position at work has become untenable.

We provide advice to both employees and employers, so if you think you may be facing

a case of discrimination or simply want to ensure you have right policies in place, please get in touch.

Breach of contract solicitors with expertise that counts

Both employers and employees can breach a contract of employment, which is why we are here to:

  • help employers tailor contracts to specific job roles
  • advise employees, if they think their employment contract has been breached.

As breach of contract solicitors, our expertise covers:

  • Contracts of employment, including fixed term employment contracts
  • Maternity Leave and Rights
  • Redundancy procedures
  • Wages
  • Wrongful Dismissal

And we can also help if a business is changing hands by providing advice on:

  • Continuity of Employment
  • TUPE

Settlement Agreement Advice from High Wycombe solicitors

Settlement Agreements are legally binding contracts between employer and employee which settles claims that the employee may have against their employer.  Our goal is to make sure that each party is happy, so we:

  • help employers understand the risks and benefits of offering Settlement Agreements
  • advise employees on the implications of the terms of an agreement.

We can also advise on non-compete clauses (sometimes known as post termination restrictions), if appropriate.

Other areas of employment law expertise we can help with

As employment law solicitors whose sole focus is all aspects of employment law, we can also help you with:

  • Employment Tribunal representation
  • Whistleblowing advice
  • Share Options plans
  • Trade Unions and employment rights
  • Industrial Action and strikes

Get in touch

No matter how simple or complicated your situation, you can be confident that we will help you manage it as quickly and effectively as possible. So, whether you’re looking for experienced breach of contract solicitors, help writing policies or procedures or employment tribunal representation, get in touch for free initial legal advice. We work with clients in High Wycombe, Stokenchurch, Princes Risborough and Marlow and would love to hear from you.