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Employment law solicitors helping to protect your business

As a business, you want to be focused on running day to day operations and making a profit, not worrying about employment disputes. It’s why, as experienced employment law solicitors, our services cover everything you need for peace of mind.  As well as offering you the advice and support when it goes wrong, we will also put into place best practice employment policies to keep your business protected.

Employment advice from expert employment law solicitors

Having an experienced employment law solicitor on hand is vital. Why? Because there is a long list of legal rights and responsibilities you have to abide to, and ignorance is not a defence!

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Employment law is our sole focus 

So you can be confident we are fully up-to-date with the complex regulations and ever-changing legislation, so you don’t need to be. 

After taking the time to get to know your business, we’ll put into place all the necessary policies and procedures to protect you. These could include employment contracts tailored to specific job roles, grievance policies and procedures and guidance on hiring and firing.

And if the worse should happen and an employee brings a dispute against you, we’ll be on hand to clearly explain your options so you can make an informed decision about what you should do next.

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Competition and confidentiality advice from experienced High Wycombe solicitors

Protecting your company’s trade secrets and confidential information against the harmful competitive activities of employees and ex-employees is a complex area of law.

While employees are still working for you, you will have substantial protection, but as soon as they leave your employment this changes. Any ‘restrictive covenants’ have to be carefully worded, so they don’t restrict an individual’s freedom to work, but do protect your business interests.

As experienced employment law solicitors in High Wycombe, we’ve a wealth of experience of advising clients from Marlow and the High Wycombe area on exactly what they need to do to protect their business interests.

Employment dispute advice from professional solicitors 

Breach of contract, wrongful dismissal, pregnancy discrimination – it doesn’t matter what the dispute is, it could be costly and have a damaging impact on your company’s reputation. 

Because we work for both employers and employees in the Marlow and High Wycombe area, we have a unique insight into how to best protect your position and maximise your chances of defeating the employee’s claim.

We will always provide you with practical, timely and cost-effective advice, and will do our utmost to stop the claim going to Employment Tribunal. If the worst should happen, we will be more than happy to represent you.

Redundancy procedures: support from the solicitors in High Wycombe you can trust

If your business is in the unfortunate position of having to reduce your workforce, you need to manage it in the right way, otherwise you could be inundated with unfair dismissal claims.

Different procedures apply to individual and collective redundancies, so we’ll inform you on exactly what procedures you need to follow and advise you on areas such as identifying the redundancy pool, applying the selection criteria and dismissing the employee.

Redundancy should always be the last resort, but if it is your only option, get in touch with the solicitors in High Wycombe, who will put your interests first.

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Comprehensive employment law services offered by High Wycombe solicitors

No matter what level of help you want, you can be confident that our experienced employment law solicitors will be on hand to offer you the best possible advice.  Our expertise covers:

  • Advising on employment contracts
  • Understanding the risks and benefits of offering Settlement Agreements to employees
  • How to avoid discrimination in the workplace
  • Representing businesses at Employment Tribunals
  • Advising on restructuring and redundancy procedures
  • Defending employers against unfair dismissal claims

High Wycombe solicitors helping employers in the Marlow area

Whatever size your company, having an experienced employment solicitor on your side is a must. If you are looking for experienced and professional employment law solicitors in Marlow, High Wycombe, Stokenchurch or Princes Risborough,  give us a call today for free initial legal advice. We’d love to help you protect your business.